I'm a designer and photographer in San Francisco, CA who also has a passion for music and film. Reigning from a British heritage, I grew up religious, as well as quite shy - this led me to prefer being alone, which in turn allowed me to work on design and art from a young age. I started by getting involved in online communities and ended up working as art director on a few PC game releases by the age of sixteen.

Currently, I'm trying to pursue networking with other artists while advancing my portfolio and building my brand. My current goals are to expand my portfolio by collaborating with smaller brands that fit my niche interests. I find that I can quickly work through a project when I am personally interested in the brand or product that I am working for. 

If you found this website from another online source or out of sheer luck, please shoot me a message. Let's work together in some capacity, whether it be strictly for hire or for collaboration. 


Aaron Glass


All content is creative and intellectual property of Aaron Glass and any mentioned clients who commissioned the work. Clients include but are not limited to: artists, musicians, record labels, internet personalities, celebrities and corporate brands. [C] 2020 Aaron Glass | www.aaron.glass

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